Nomination Committee Report

The Committee's key objective is to ensure that the Board comprises of individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and diversity to ensure it is effective.

Keith Williams



Nomination Committee meetings held

Committee Composition

During the year, the Committee comprised:

Keith Williams

Helen Jones

Jill Caseberry

Tom Singer (appointed 16 September 2020)

David Adams resigned 31 December 2020

Chair's Letter

The Committee's key objective is to ensure that the Board comprises of individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and diversity to ensure that the Board is effective in discharging its responsibilities. During the year, the Committee successfully secured the appointment of Tom Singer to succeed David Adams as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee. Tom was appointed on 16 September 2020, is a Chartered Accountant and has recent and relevant financial experience. The Committee also considered the succession arrangements for the Board and its Senior Management Team.

Keith Williams

Chair of the Nomination Committee

16 June 2021

Main Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Review the size, structure and composition of the Board and its Committees.
  • Ensure plans are in place for orderly succession to the Board and senior management positions.
  • Lead the process for appointments by identifying and making recommendations on potential candidates to join the Board.

Activities During the Year

  • Successfully completed the recruitment of Tom Singer as David Adams' successor.
  • Continued with the progression of the succession and talent development plan, taking into account the recommendations of the Parker Review.
  • Reviewed the internal FY21 Board evaluation and subsequent action plan.
  • Reviewed the composition of the Board and its Committees.
  • Carried out an annual review of the Committee's Terms of Reference.
  • Recommended the re-election of the Board at the 2020 Annual General Meeting.

FY21 Key Activities

  • Appointment of Tom Singer as Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Chair and Helen Jones as Senior Independent Director as David Adams' successor.
  • Progression of succession and talent development plans.
  • Approved the appointment of a permanent Chief People Officer.

Areas of Focus in FY22

  • Progression of succession plans for the Board and senior management team.

The Appointment of Tom Singer

Tom Singer was appointed as Non-Executive Director on 16 September 2020. Tom became a member of the Remuneration, Audit and Nomination Committees upon joining the Board. After a handover period, on 31 December 2020 Tom succeeded David Adams as Chair of the Audit Committee.

I am delighted to have joined the Halfords' Board and am excited about the business' prospects as it takes advantage of the many opportunities to accelerate future growth.

Tom Singer

Non-Executive Director Appointed 16 September 2020

Tom Singer's Induction

  • Meetings with members of the Senior Management Team and Executive Committee conducted remotely.
  • In person Autocentre visits made at the Weybridge and Slough garages, this included HME vans.
  • In person Retail store visits made at Slough and Farnborough.
  • Tom was due to visit the Washford DC and Tredz DC in Swansea, but these were postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions in the autumn and subsequent winter lockdowns. It is expected that these can be resumed when the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.


Q.What process did the Committee go through to appoint a new Non-Executive Director

A.The first step is to appoint an external search consultancy who can identify and approach suitable candidates. Suitable candidates are then interviewed, an offer is made to the successful candidate and the relevant announcement made to the Stock Exchange. A suitable induction programme is then put in place which is tailored to the successful candidate's requirements.

Q. What key attributes were fundamental to the Committee when looking for this role

A. This appointment was for a Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee, and so the successful candidate needed to have recent and relevant financial experience, to ensure compliance with the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code.

Senior Management Team direct reports

Female 34%

Male 66%


pie chart of the board

Female 50%

Male 50%

Senior Management Team

pie chart of the senior management team

Female 37.5%

Male 62.5%

Director Training and Development

All Directors have the opportunity for ongoing development and support via:

  • A programme of visits to the Support Centre, Distribution Centres, stores and Autocentres.
  • Reviews with the Chair to identify any training and development needs.
  • Access to the Company Secretary for advice on governance, regulatory and legislative changes affecting the business or their duties as Director.
  • Access to independent professional advice at the Company's expense.
  • Membership of the Deloitte Academy, a training and guidance resource for Boards and Directors.

Board Appointments

During the year, David Adams stepped down as Senior Independent Director. As detailed in last year's Annual Report, although David's term of appointment was due to expire in Spring 2020, under Corporate Governance guidelines, David agreed to stay until the end of 2020 to ensure continuity for the Board through the COVID-19 pandemic. In August 2020, it was announced that Tom Singer had been appointed as a Non-Executive Director with effect from 16 September 2020. Odgers Berndtson was appointed as advisor to the Committee in the search for external candidates for this role and this process was led by myself as Chair, together with the Committee. Odgers Berndtson does not have any other connection with the Company.

At the AGM, on 15 September 2020, David stepped down as Senior Independent Director, with Helen Jones appointed to cover this position. David continued to act as a Non-Executive Director until 31 December 2020, when he stepped down fully from the Board, and Tom Singer was appointed to cover the position of Chair of the Audit Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Group's Diversity Policy ("Diversity Policy") sets out Halfords' commitment to eliminate discrimination and to encourage diversity and inclusion across the Board of Directors and amongst all colleagues. Halfords' Diversity Policy applies to all activities, including its role as an employer and as a provider of services, ensuring that no colleague, potential colleague, customer, visitor or contractor will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, beliefs and social class. The Company does not currently publish specific diversity targets but, in practice, it has created a more balanced and diverse Board and Senior Management Team. Half of the Board comprises of women; 37.5% of the Senior Management Team is female and 34% of their direct reports are women. With regard to ethnic diversity, the Board is committed to improving ethnic diversity at Board and senior management level with a target of having at least one person of colour on the Board by December 2023.

Further information regarding diversity and inclusion can be found on Diversity & Inclusion.

Board Succession

The Halfords' Board considers succession planning each year in respect of both Director roles and the Senior Management Team. Senior Executives have well developed skills and experience to fulfil their roles, and their skills are constantly updated as new challenges arise. A key factor in making better decisions is that the business has a diverse range of Directors, Executives and colleagues. Diversity and gender positions are monitored each year to ensure Halfords is able to identify any improvements and benefits.

Looking Ahead

The Strategy of the Company remains on track and the performance during the period has been strong. We will continue to monitor the Digital Transformation and the growth of our garage services business and ensure that the Board has the right mix of skills, diversity and experience to enable this growth to continue.

Keith Williams
Chair of the Nomination Committee
16 June 2021